Total Aero DM 15W-50

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Synthetic-based multi-grade oil with dispersion additives for the lubrication of piston engines,
operating under severe and most severe conditions. These oils can be used throughout the year in
any climate and contain the necessary anti-wear additive based on recent technology,
which is the equivalent to the Lycoming LW 16702. Using Aero DM 15W-50 or Aero DM 20W-60 you do not need
to add other additives to these lubricants like Lycoming additive.
  • France : autorisation from DGA/SPAé to supply to the
  • DCSEA (French Air Force) according to MIL-L-22851D
  • multi-grade, 15W-50.
  • US : MIL-L-22851D multi-grade / SAE J 1899 grade 15W-50*
  • UK : Joint Service Designation OMD 162
  • NATO code : O-162

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