Garmin G1000 Checkliste WAAS

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Industry-leading, full-color, comprehensive, user-friendly resource for the Garmin G1000 WAAS. Qref Avionics full-color, comprehensive, user-friendly resource. Ideal for students and pilots who appreciate a complete, comprehensive checklist.

Topics Covered: Complete procedures for the G1000 WAAS are included, including mapping, routing and troubleshooting.

Detailed how-to procedures: Qref Quick Reference checklists feature expert tips and helpful procedures in a handy, indestructible format. Our avionics experts provide detailed, how-to steps for nearly every feature, and the intelligent "You Are Here" section design guides you through each screen and menu.

Tabs with extra information: Edge-tab layout is as easy to use as single-page versions, but with the benefit of having more comprehensive, detailed data. Tabs include helpful information such as troubleshooting, operations, basics and gotcha's. Includes Ruler Scale for use in common charts. No tedious codes to decipher.

Lookup Reference: Includes a full Table of Contents as well as an index of commonly used steps.

Indestructible spiral-bound binding:Qref checklists are securely bound with a crush-proof binding system that prevents pages from coming loose and allows the pilot to flip through and lay flat the desired page.

Tearproof, waterproof, full-color pages: Nearly indestructible, Qref uses a proprietary synthetic paper page with a non-glare, matte finish to protect against weather, oil, dirt, etc. Mark and erase on it with a standard pencil. Full color, 2400 DPI magazine-quality printing throughout.

Professionally designed layout: Qref puts 20+ years of design experience into designing the perfect checklist. Clear text easy to read, even in turbulence. Helpful icons, notes and tables throughout.

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