Flight Stream 510

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  • Enables Database Concierge wireless avionics database updates
  • Permits 2-way flight plan transfers between compatible apps and avionics¹
  • Initiate phone calls and send/receive text messages from contacts on your Apple® device, using the Garmin Pilot? app through your compatible avionics, optional Connext® datalink and service plan
  • Streams traffic, weather, GPS information and back-up attitude information from your avionics to select portables and mobile devices
  • Lets mobile devices wirelessly control SiriusXM? satellite music from any position in the cabin

Experience the revolutionary cockpit connectivity of patented technology with Flight Stream 510. A game-changing addition to the Connext platform, Flight Stream 510 pairs with your GTN? 650 and GTN 750 series navigators to add greater flexibility and convenience both inside and outside of the cockpit ? to save you time and workload. It requires no wiring changes or complex installation considerations, yet it allows you to more easily manage your database subscriptions via the Garmin Pilot app ? while also enabling wireless flight plan transfer with your GTN, sharing of traffic, weather, GPS and more. And if you have G500 or G600 glass flight displays paired with a GTN, Flight Stream 510 even wirelessly displays back-up attitude information on a mobile device.

Improving the Connected Cockpit

Cost-effective and non-intrusive, Flight Stream 510 is a patented memory card that contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity capability. When installed in the slot of a GTN 650/750 series navigator, Flight Stream can be connected with up to 2 compatible Apple or Android? mobile devices operating Garmin Pilot as well as Garmin aera® 660, aera 795 and aera 796 portables.

The wireless connection enables Database Concierge wireless database transfer. At home, you can select individual databases (including Jeppesen® NavData or Garmin Navigation Database, Obstacle, Terrain, SafeTaxi®, FliteCharts®, Basemap and the AOPA Airport Directory) on the Garmin Pilot app, download them and then store them to your mobile device for later use. Once Flight Stream 510 establishes a wireless connection in the airplane, it transfers your up-to-date databases directly to the GTN in minutes, where they?ll wait in standby until their effective date. For added flexibility, a USB card reader is provided to customers who would like to download databases directly to the Flight Stream 510 card using a computer.

Staying in Sync

If you have multiple GTNs or G500/G600 glass flight displays, you?ll enjoy additional benefits from database synchronization. The GTN acts like a computer server to automatically transfer and synchronize your databases to the flight display and navigator, behind the scenes. In the meantime, you can view and use a departure, approach and arrival chart immediately ? even if the databases are still synchronizing.

Communication Control

Flight Stream 510 makes it easier to stay connected with your loved ones on the ground, too. When you run Garmin Pilot on a compatible Apple mobile device, you can pair it to your GTN with an optional GSR 56 datalink and access text and voice services both in-flight and on the ground over the Connext network (subscription required). That means you can easily send and receive messages with your device ? and even use its existing contact database ? as well as complete phone calls through your headset.

Seamless Flight-planning

Complete your flight plan in the comfort of home or the FBO lounge on the Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go apps. Then, with only a few taps, wirelessly transfer it in seconds to the GTN over the Flight Stream 510 Bluetooth connection ? and give yourself more time for other preflight activities prior to departure. Garmin Pilot will even prompt you if there are any changes to your flight plan by ATC so you can automatically send that amendment to your navigator. And if you need to alter your flight plan en route, you can make the change on 1 device and quickly sync it on the other.

Streaming Situational Awareness

Connect your Flight Stream 510 and GTN 650/750 to a GTX? 345 all-in-one ADS-B transponder or GDL® 88 ADS-B datalink, and you can display ADS-B traffic and subscription-free weather via Bluetooth on a mobile device operating the Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go apps. As part of the Garmin Terminal Safety Solutions, TargetTrend? relative motion technology and TerminalTraffic? enhance the traffic display in Garmin Pilot and GTN 650/750. TargetTrend offers pilots a heightened state of situational awareness, which incorporates relative motion technology to help them visualize closure rates of potential traffic conflicts. The traffic display is further enhanced during taxi, takeoff and landing with TerminalTraffic, which detects and displays other aircraft or ground vehicles on runways and taxiways that are ADS-B Out compliant.

Plus, you can share GPS position information from your GTN navigator to display precise position information on mobile devices. And with a G500/G600 flight display, you can also display back-up attitude information, including dynamic pitch and bank information, within Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go. Flight Stream 510 also displays ADS-B traffic and weather information ? and attitude information when it?s available from a G500/G600 ? on Garmin aera 795/796 and aera 660 portables.

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